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Mark Crouch

About Hanza Realty

The world of real estate is changing faster now than ever before with the rapid advancements in technology, consumer awareness, and purchasing habits, and then, of course, the perception and reality of the economy.


We take great pride in learning and understanding the market at all times while staying cutting edge in the market place with early technology adoption, social media awareness & efforts, and outside of the box innovative marketing techniques. We believe there is a dream home for everyone and that real estate can sell in any market condition at a fair price and timely manner with proper and professional execution.

We're not in the business of selling people on dreams; instead, our mission is bringing to life the perfect reality for each of our clients. Providing a world-class experience is important to us so you will receive plenty of our time and attention as we work together on a shared vision. We rest on our morals, values, and integrity in all facets of business and life as they have always led us down the right path and rewarded us with great success. We take great pride in our work and find our business to be extremely fulfilling. 

Get in touch with us however you please, we promise to listen well and communicate back with the right sense of urgency to meet your needs. On request, we can provide references and a complimentary home analysis.

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