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Toemi Haughn

Toemi Haughn Headshot 2021.jpg

(309) 643-9802

Born and raised in Hawaii, ohana (family) has always been the center focus of my life. After leaving Oahu for the mainland in 2000, I graduated from Bradley University and spent the first few years of my adult life traveling between downtown Chicago and Indianapolis for work. I knew I wanted to start my own ohana, so in 2013 I moved to Indy full time, living in different parts of the city before settling in the Southside.

While living in Chicago, I developed a deep interest in homes and modern design. If you haven't been to Chicago, I highly recommend it - the city's skyline and surrounding neighborhoods have some of the most unique architecture in the Midwest and don't get me started on the food! I saw a lot of the same potential in Indy as I grew more familiar with the city and closely followed my father-in-law's post-retirement hobby of real estate investing. It was through his mentorship and encouragement that I began taking the first steps to pivot my longtime career in retail management and sales into joining one of the premier investor real estate agencies with Hanza Realty. Having moved frequently throughout most of my adult life, I have always created a sense of family wherever I go and real estate enables me to evoke impactful change for the members of my community, whom I consider part of my own ohana. 

I'm proud to be raising my three kids (Atlas, 7; Leilani, 3; and Hanalei, 1) in the Center Grove community of Greenwood, which I am proud to call home. In my free time I enjoy playing with my kids, squeezing in a game of golf (even better if enjoyed with my amazing RE clients) or basketball, seeking out new local food spots, and watching singing & talent competition shows with my wife, Sasha.

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