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Blake Richardson

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(317) 319-1663

Blake Richardson, an up-and-coming real estate broker, talented designer and rehabber, no residence is merely a commodity, but rather a portal to story and connection. He’s a house whisperer, reinventing quiet, reserved spaces into inspired, eclectic showcases. He is respectful—even reverent—of original craftsmanship.


Originally from a small town, Tabor Iowa, Blake made the move to Indianapolis in search for something different where he worked for republic airways corporate office almost 10 years ago. Six years ago, Blake quit his corporate job to follow his dream and make a living selling Real Estate, designing and flipping historic homes.


Blake helps clients find the home that is right for them providing excellent service to buyers and sellers in order to earn their trust, referrals, and repeat business. In his personal projects, his approach to interior decoration is intuitive: curating collections with eagle eyes, finding the beauty in what others have casually discarded. Blake enjoys collaborating with others on creative and innovative design projects in his hometown of Indianapolis and across the US. Blake

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