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La"Toi"ya Washington

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Raised in Southern Indiana, moving to Indianapolis in 2002. Indy is her community, her home.  She began her real estate career in 2008 as a housing consultant for a national student housing company. Shortly after she spent several years as the Client Relations Manager for the largest home inspection company in the Midwest. It was here where she really fell in LOVE with Real Estate and began building a wide network of real estate professionals across the state.


As the "Broker on the Block" her charismatic approach makes her the pro you call when you need boots on the ground! Her favorite part of the day is spent in the trenches driving neighborhoods, performing walkthroughs, gathering photos & videos in search of the perfect home & investment for  her clients.  "Toi" is an avid communicator and trusted resource in the industry for seasoned investors to first time home buyers and commercial leasing needs. She is a smiling, positive, and attention demanding powerhouse you wont soon forget.  


A 13 year veteran in various corporate and retail customer service industries, including insurance, private concierge, travel proprietors, and real estate; Toi has developed and nurtured thousands of successful client relationships while successfully serving and solving for their unique individual desires & needs.  Toi thrives on building strong, loyal relationship that often outlast the professional need, continuing on to friend and even closer, family. Her family is her everything and her passion is educating, serving, and providing a positive & fulfilling experience in all things she is a part of.  She invites you to join her real estate family, trust - you will feel right at home with Toi & the Hanza Brands Family.


Hobbies: Hiking with her kiddos, watching and attending MMA & UFC, and enjoys D&D, cosplay, and supporting local foodie dives with live music!

(317) 658-6400

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